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Night Of The Living Dorks

Mathias Dinter, Germany, 2004, 89 Minutes, English Subtitles

Toronto Premiere

Night Of The Living Dorks

"A zombie comedy that knocks 'em dead" - Variety

It's not easy being a misfit at Fredrich Nietzsche High School. You'd think life would only be harsher if one were dead and somehow still in school. As three "nerds" discover, in many ways, it's a hell of a better time!

Our story begins "three months ago" out in Haiti, when a family is attacked by a vicious zombie that they efficiently burn to a crisp in abject frustration. The ghoul's ashes end up on an eBay-like auction site and find their way into the hands of German teenagers, who use them for a hopeless love spell. After the ritual, a group of the teens drive off into the night, smoke a ton of hash and end up in a car crash. Two have fractured skulls and one has a windshield wiper wedged through his heart, but they've never felt better. Who needs stitches when you've got a staple gun?

Complete with a German pop-punk soundtrack, this film is a ton of fun, and not remotely the Shaun of the Dead cash-in you might suspect upon initially hearing its title. It's also weirdly nave, which adds considerably to the film's goofball charm. An audience favourite wherever its been shown, Night of the Living Dorks is a whacked-out, feel-good flick that totally works. Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

  • Winner, Audience Choice Award - Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal
Screening Details
Oct. 22, 6.45pm, Bloor Cinema
Screens with short film, Day of John
Tickets: $10, or $8 for Students, Bloor Cinema Members, or Zombies (door only)
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