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Sl8n8 (Slaughter Night)

Frank van Geloven and Edwin Visser, Holland 2006, 90 minutes, English Subtitles

North American Premiere


"A string of terrific kills and thrills"

While Behind the Mask gleefully deconstructs the classic slasher film new Dutch effort SL8N8 (Slacht Nacht, Slaughter Night) dives headlong into the pool. Following the death of her father teenaged Kristel, accompanied by a car load of her friends, sets off on a trip to gather his things at the abandoned mine where he was conducting research for his latest book: the biography of an occult obsessed serial killer condemned to death by carrying a lit torch into the depths thereby exploding the methane gases lurking in the mine more than a century before. While touring the site an experiment with a ouija board seems to put Kristel in touch with her father but it also awakens something far more sinister: the spirit of the killer, who believes collecting eight severed heads will free him from hell. From then on its no holds barred splatter, the angry spirit leaping from body to body as the terrified youths turn on one another and try to find a way to put the spirit to rest before it kills them all...

Directors / writers Frank Van Geloven and Edwin Visser are clearly fans of the genre and with their debut film they have created a loving ode to the films they grew up on. There's no irony or winking here, just a string of terrific kills and thrills that proves the old formula still has a good amount of punch. - Todd Brown

Screening Details
Oct. 24, 6.30pm, Bloor Cinema
Screens with short film: Disfingered
Tickets: $10 or $8 for Students / Bloor Cinema Members
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