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Tokyo Zombie

Sakichi Sato, Japan, 2005, 104 minutes, English Subtitles

Toronto Premiere

Tokyo Zombie

"An hilarious alternative buddy comedy...bound to please fans of Miike" - Dread Central
"More Shaun of the Dead than Dawn of the Dead... Very Funny" -

Tokyo Zombie is a sly, dryly hysterical little picture, a purely Japanese take on the zombie genre that could have come from nowhere and nobody else.

Mitsuo and Fujio - Japanese cult icons Tadanobu Asano and Sho Aikawa - are a pair of zero ambition slackers employed in a fire extinguisher factory whose only goal in life is the perfection of their jiujitsu wrestling skills. When a confrontation with their boss leaves the nagging executive dead they opt, of course, to take the easy way out and dispose of the body on the slopes of Black Fuji, a monstrous heap of garbage rising in the midst of Tokyo. But whether by the influence of toxic chemicals, black magic, karma or a mixture of all three, the muck of Black Fuji brings their boss back to roam the earth as a voracious zombie, unleashing an undead apocalypse upon the world. Before long the surviving humans are forced to live in a walled city where Fujio makes a living entertaining the upper classes using his jiujitsu skills in human versus zombie cage fights.

Though Tokyo Zombie marks the directorial debut of Sakichi Sato any fan of Asian cult film is already very well aware of his work. Why? Beyond an appearance in Tarantino's Kill Bill Sato is also a frequent collaborator with cult icon Takashi Miike for whom he scripted Ichi the Killer and Gozu, two of the most deservedly notorious films in the entire Miike canon. Sato's taste for bizarre deadpan humor is on full display here and he does an admirable job of carving out his own distinct niche. - Todd Brown

Screening Details
Oct. 23, 6.45pm, Bloor Cinema
Screens with short film: Battle Chess
Tickets: $10 or $8 for Students / Bloor Cinema Members
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