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Phairi Mawrana, Thailand, 2006, 99 minutes, English Subtitles

North American Premiere


"Giant snakes, poison lizards, flesh-eating wasps... Vengeance has got it all"

When a gang of notorious thieves breaks out of jail and heads for Thailand's remote northern border it falls to a squad of local cops to head them off before they escape the reach of the law. But the squad's young leader has troubling ties to both the head of the gang and the local priest and it is soon clear that there's more than little bit of a grudge match in play here. And what's all this talk of mystical weapons and a haunted jungle? When the gang heads straight for the heart of the feared forest it soon becomes clear to all that the old wives tales about the region contain more truth than anyone had ever imagined...

Upstart Thai studio Mono Film are looking to become a powerhouse of Asian genre film. Their debut actioner Tiger Blade was a surprise hit that allowed them to sink significant coin into this, their sophomore effort, a deliberate throwback to the B-movies of yore.

Giant snakes, poison lizards, flesh-eating wasps, time travel, gun play, dismemberments, sexually voracious foliage, shape shifting and karmic retribution - Vengeance has got it all. - Todd Brown

Screening Details
Oct. 22, 4.15pm, Bloor Cinema
Screens with short film: Fantasy Beyond
Tickets: $10 or $8 for Students / Bloor Cinema Members
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