October 17-24, 2008 - 8 Nights Of Thrilling New Movies!

2008 Program

Canada After Dark (Canadian Short Film Showcase)

CANADA AFTER DARK comprises 16 outstanding new Canadian horror, sci-fi, action, and cult short films. These locally made cinematic gems screen throughout the festival as the opening acts for our feature films. Co-presented with the Worldwide Short Film Festival.

The Auburn Hills Breakdown (2008)
Screens Oct. 23, 9.45pm in front of feature film HOME MOVIE
Geoff Redknap
13 min
A family’s car breaks down at the side of the road and they are forced to venture to a nearby home for assistance. Horror awaits them.

The Bumblebee Man (2007)
Screens Oct. 21, 9.45pm in front of feature film WHO IS KK DOWNEY?
Ryan Cavan and Alex Heaslip
15 min
Never was there a tale of more misery and woe, than that of The Bumblebee Man and his heroin induced Shakespearean prose.

Bum Rush (2008)
Screens Oct. 23, 7pm in front of feature film TOKYO GORE POLICE
Jesse MacMillan and Simon Box
6 min
Three men engage in a battle that will test their speed, intelligence and sanity. Their opponent? A badass hobo.

Cabin of Terror (2007)
Screens Oct. 22, 9.45pm in front of feature film SOUTH OF HEAVEN
Jimi Cuell
5 min
A meticulous homage of video board games of yesteryear or a VHS dubbed in hell?

Deadspiel (2008)
Screens Oct. 19, 6.30pm in front of feature film KEVIN TENNEY’S BRAIN DEAD
Jay Molloy
8 min
When the dead walk the earth…they will play curling.

Ending the Eternal (2008)
Screens Oct. 21, 7.00pm in front of feature film NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED
Justin McConnell
14 min
They had a simple job to do and they failed miserably. Samuel Gradius is not pleased. Currently being expanded into a feature film.

The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow (2008) Opening Gala Short
Screens Oct. 17, 7pm in front of feature film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN
Rodrigo Gudino and Vincent Marcone
6 min
In this technical marvel of animation and cinematography, a lucid examination of a photograph unravels a sinister conspiracy that leads to an unsettling conclusion.

The Flower (2007)
Screens Oct. 18, 8.45pm in front of feature film REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA
Dale Hayward
2 min
An epic tale of turning life’s lemons into lemonade.

Found Objects (2007)
Screens Oct. 18, 4pm in front of feature film IDIOTS & ANGELS
David Birnbaum
18 min
A visually spectacular telling of a world of no time at all, where an apartment is perpetually rocked by bombs outside its walls as its inhabitants attempt to hold auditions for a musical recital.

Hydro-Levesque (2008)
Screens Oct. 18, 6.15pm in front of feature film MIRAGEMAN
Matthew Rankin
16 min
If Quebec is to be saved, Winnipeg must be destroyed. Or is there another way? Decide for yourself in this epic Maddinesque tale concerning a nun serving as Rene Levesque’s Sign Language video-translator.

The Laundromat (2008)
Screens Oct. 19, 9.15pm in front of feature film TRAILER PARK OF TERROR
David Jacombs, Jr.
8 min
During a zombie apocalypse, two lovers seek refuge in an abandoned Laundromat.

Laser Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove
Screens Oct. 22, 7.00pm in front of feature film MUTANT CHRONICLES
Steven Kostanski
9 min
An incredible homage to Charles Band era VHS titles. Einstein’s ghost has returned, and only one man can stop him… sooner or laser.

Lucky 10 (2008)
Screens Oct. 20, 9.45pm in front of feature film 4BIA (PHOBIA)
Manny Kargov
10 min
A spiteful waiter has his life dramatically altered through an encounter with an unusual customer in this short that would do Rod Sterling proud.

The Mars Project (2008)
Screens Oct. 18, 11.30pm in front of feature film DONKEY PUNCH
Jonathan Balazs
6 min
A glimpse into the unusual world of Edmonton rapper Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart and his intergalactic friend Anacron.

Treevenge (2008) Closing Gala Short
Screens Oct. 24, 7pm in front of feature film I SELL THE DEAD
Jason Eisener
15 min
The demented geniuses behind HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN have conceived a world where evergreens no longer stand idly while their brethren are mercilessly cut down for Christmas.

Vengeance (2008)
Screens Oct. 20, 7.00pm in front of feature film RED
Lanan Adcock
6 min
Revenge is a dish best served crab.

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