October 17-24, 2008 - 8 Nights Of Thrilling New Movies!

2008 Festival

Filmmaker Guests

Toronto After Dark Film Festival is thrilled to announce the names of 9 fascinating feature filmmakers, who will be attending the 2008 festival. These groundbreaking masters of thrilling cinema will introduce their films on stage, have a lively Q&A with fans straight after their screenings, and in most cases will also be joining us for a drink or two at Festival Parties and Pub After Dark!


Those attending the screening of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA (8.45pm) are in for a treat with the onstage appearance of writer-composer Terrance Zdunich, better known as Grave-Robber and lead singer of everybody’s favourite REPO Track ZYDRATE ANATOMY! Straight after REPO, coming all the way from the UK is acclaimed music video director Olly Blackburn, to intro his late night terror at sea and Sundance Film Festival hit DONKEY PUNCH (11.30pm). 


A double bill of zombie feature directors is appropriately on hand for our zombie night double bill.  Give a warm Toronto welcome to cult 80s director Kevin Tenney (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, WITCHBOARD,) as he introduces his zombie-rific return to form, KEVIN’ TENNEY’S BRAIN DEAD (6.30pm).  Then be sure to find out how our next guest, Steven Goldmann went from directing Faith Hill music videos to the insanely fun redneck zombie flick TRAILER PARK OF TERROR (9.15pm). 


Local filmmakers this one will be an inspiration for you: find out how a bunch of Canucks made the funniest cult film of the year that’s taken the festival circuit by storm when the cast and crew of WHO IS KK DOWNEY? (9.45 pm) show up in attendance! Warning: they’re members of an award-winning Montreal improv troupe so expect some verbal tongue lashings from the stage.


Uber-talented up and coming director J L Vara will be here to introduce his visionary crime noir thriller SOUTH OF HEAVEN (9.45pm) that has fans in delight with its cinematic homages.


The Q&A with actor turned indie horror Producer Andrew van den Houten (JACK KETCHUM’S THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) is sure to be a lively one following the screening of his latest shocker, the found footage terror film HOME MOVIE (9.45pm) as you’ll all be so freaked out after watching it, you’ll want to take it out on someone!


Finally to wrap up the fest for our Closing Gala film, the graverobber comedy I SELL THE DEAD (7pm), we have a triple treat for fans with a veritable maestro of indie genre cinema, Actor-Producer Larry Fessenden (THE LAST WINTER, WENDIGO), triple-threat Director/Writer/Editor Glenn McQuaid and cult icon of horror Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man from the PHANTASM series) in attendance!


Watch out at the fest also for a record number of short filmmakers in attendance at Toronto After Dark this year, who will be on hand to introduce their mini-masterpieces. They include our award-winning gala short filmmakers Rodrigo Gudino, the founder of Rue Morgue Magazine, who will introduce his latest short THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW on our opening night (Fri, OCT 17, 7pm) and Jason Eisener best known for his brilliant HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN short, who will take the stage for our closing night to intro TREEVENGE (Fri, OCT 24, 7pm). 


Complete details on all the films screening at Toronto After Dark here. To buy advance tickets to any of these films visit the box office page here. 

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