October 17-24, 2008 - 8 Nights Of Thrilling New Movies!

2008 Program

South of Heaven

J.L. Vara, USA, 2008, 97 min, DigiBeta

Cast: Shea Whigham, Diora Baird, Aaron Nee

International Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Wednesday, Oct 22 2008, 9.45pm, Bloor Cinema
$12 ($10 Students)

“A twisty story of kidnapping, mistaken identity, and psychopathic killers...the style is exciting” - Ain’t It Cool News
“A fantastic genre concoction that samples Tarantino, Coen brothers, classic film noir style and a jazzy technicolor cartoon vibe that ties it all together.” - Fearnet
“Incredibly stylized…film fans will have a blast” – Twitch Film
“The Coens meets Sam Fuller while watching Looney Tunes...smart, silly, and a little sick...this film is a stew thrown together by the best sort of movie geek.” - Cinematical
Highest Rated Film By Audiences – Cinevegas Film Festival


Dale Coop has a problem.  Freshly discharged from the Navy, he’s come home looking forward to peace and quiet and the chance to write the Great American Novel.  What he finds instead are two barbershop goons who beat him to a pulp and cut off his finger in a vain attempt to find the girl they believe his brother Roy has kidnapped.  Roy?  Well, he’s looking to escape from aptly named criminal Mad Dog, who is in the midst of a full on crime spree with the situation rapidly turning from bad to worse. Totally original, totally compelling, South of Heaven fuses 1950’s comic art with the darkest film noir.
- Todd Brown

CABIN OF TERROR.  See Canada After Dark for details.


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