August 14-21, 2009 - 8 Nights Of New Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2009 Program

Canada After Dark (Canadian Short Film Showcase)

CANADA AFTER DARK comprises 17 outstanding new Canadian horror, sci-fi, action, and cult short films. These locally made cinematic gems screen throughout the festival as the opening acts for our feature films.
Copresenter: Raindance Canada.

0 (Zero)
Jace Junggru Kim, 4 min
Screens Sun, Aug. 16, 3.45 pm, in front of feature film THE WARLORDS
The vicious cycle that vengeance breeds animated in starkly beautiful black calligraphy ink strokes.

Bad Roomate
World Premiere
James Gangl & Kevin Whalen, 3 min
Screens Sun, Aug. 16, 9.30pm, in front of feature film THE REVENANT
Don’t you hate it when your roommate borrows your towel to wipe the blood of his victims off the walls?

Brandon Blommaert, 1 min
Screens Thurs, Aug. 20, 9.45pm, in front of feature film TRICK ‘R TREAT
Having your symbiotic brain die on you can suck, but that’s no reason to frown.

Ayelen Liberona and Joseph Johnson Camí, 6 min
Screens Sat, Aug. 15, 8.15pm, in front of feature film BLACK
A fantastic creature stalks her prey, and defends her territory with deadly choreography in this fusion of dance and martial arts.

World Premiere
Chris Nash, 14 min
Screens Mon, Aug. 17, 7pm in front of feature film VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL
While struggling with intimacy issues with his girlfriend, a man learns that he has just developed an unnaturally large blackhead in the middle of his back.

Captain Coulier (Space Explorer) - Opening Gala Short
Sundance Film Festival - Official Selection
Lyndon Casey, 13 min
Screens Fri, Aug. 14, 7pm, in front of Opening Gala feature BLACK DYNAMITE
In this exciting chapter of Captain Anthony Coulier (Canadian space explorer) our hero must endure the horrors of a sarcastic crew and brave the deathly boredom of outer space.

Danse Macabre
Pedro Pires, 6 min
Screens Thurs, Aug. 20, 7pm in front of feature film THE FORBIDDEN DOOR
A chilling death sets the stage for a dark choreography.

World Premiere
Spencer Estabrooks, 14 min
Screens Sun Aug. 16, 6.45 pm, in front of feature film DEAD SNOW
Gunman Jack Link is on his way to the local Sheriff to deliver a pair of train robbers. Only problem is the Sheriff appears to be dead… and hungry.

Dave Alexander & Colin Landry, 14 min
Screens Mon Aug. 17, 9.30pm, in front of feature film STRIGOI
A small Prairie community struggles to fulfill its pact with a demon that holds dominion over their land.

Git Gob
Philip Eddolls, 1 min
Screens Wed, Aug. 19, 9.45pm, in front of feature film ROUGH CUT
From the mad genius behind Wat A Wonderful Day comes a film that will re-arrange your understanding of the universe.

Heart of Karl
Steven Kostanski, 15 min
Screens Tues, Aug.18 , 9.30pm, in front of feature film SOMEONE’S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR
Max’s brother Karl has a certain condition. You know, that one where you have the ability to telepathically explode people’s brains. A tour-de-force of make-up and special effects.

A. J. Bond, 14 min
Screens Sat, Aug. 15, 5.30pm in front of feature film FRANKLYN
Time travel is possible, but first you’ll need to boil some eggs, shave your hair and get comfortable with yourself. Real comfortable.

The Killer Bra
World Premiere
Yakov Levi, 19 min
Screens Sat, Aug. 15, 11.30pm, in front of feature film EMBODIMENT OF EVIL
A fight over a bra leaves the undergarment possessed and out for blood! Plenty of exposed breasts and high camp are to be had in this Lloyd Kaufman approved short.

Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers
Conall Pendergast, 5 min
Screens Wed, Aug. 19, 7pm, in front of feature film MUST LOVE DEATH
A clerk from head office has some issues with the dungeon he’s been assigned to evaluate and unfortunately for him nobody likes a stickler for bureaucracy, especially bloody torturers.

Sara St. Onge, 6 min
Screens Tues, Aug. 18, 7pm in front of feature film THE CHILDREN
Throughout his career Dr. Walter Freeman performed nearly 3,500 lobotomies in 23 states and most of these operations were performed with a hammer and ice-pick. Its a story that was just begging to become a musical.

Next Floor (Closing Gala Short)
Cannes Film Festival - Winner, Best Short Film
Denis Villeneuve, 11 min
Screens Fri, Aug. 21, 7pm, in front of Closing Gala feature GRACE
A banquet of grotesque, yet sumptuous food is perpetually interrupted by sudden changes in altitude. Quite literally a visual feast.

Under Pressure: A Story of Microscopic Stakes
Daniel Devita, 9 min
Screens Sat, Aug.15, 3pm in front of feature film THE DARK HOUR
Have you ever popped in a video tape only to find that someone taped over its contents with a film about a young man searching for his mother on his fathers cancerous lips? No?

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