August 13-20, 2010 - 8 Nights Of New Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2010 Program

Canada After Dark (Canadian Short Film Showcase)

CANADA AFTER DARK comprises 16 outstanding new Canadian horror, sci-fi, action, and cult short films. These locally made cinematic gems screen throughout the festival as the opening acts for our feature films.

Chloe and Attie
Best Cinematography, 48 Hour Bloodshots Film Festival
Scooter Corkle, 8 min, 2010
Screens Wed, Aug, 18th, 9:45pm, in front of HEARTLESS
Twin sisters. One is sickly and immobile, entirely in the care of the other who keeps her sister a secret from the world, lest it be destroyed.

First Place Winnipeg Short Film Massacre 2009
Toronto Premiere
Adam Brooks, 2 min, 2009
Screens Mon, Aug. 16th, 7pm in front of THE LAST EXORCISM
Culled from the archives of Astron-6 comes a sordid tale of fire, men and REVENGE!

Game Night
Geronimo Deadly, 6 min, 2010
Screens Tues, Aug. 17th, 7pm in front of PHOBIA 2
When three friends start playing an old VHS board game (cut from the Nightmare cloth), they soon find themselves privy to each other’s dark secrets and caught in a nefarious struggle over the dominion of their very souls. Shot in 100 hours for the Film Racing Grand Prix 2009.

Kevin Doherty, 10 min, 2010
Toronto Premiere
Screens Sun, Aug, 15th, 4:15pm in front of CARGO
Two siblings reminisce about their late father over a campfire. As the conversation grows uncomfortable for one…

Inferno of the Dead
Audience Award, Winnipeg Short Film Massacre 2009
Toronto Premiere
Jeremy Gillespie, 8 min, 2009
Screens Sat, Aug, 14th, 7pm in front of DOGHOUSE
When the dead walk the earth, it won’t just be our lives that will be in jeopardy, but also our patience.

Junko’s Shamisen
Toronto Premiere
Solomon Friedman, 11 min, 2009
Screens Sun, Aug, 15th, 7pm in front of ROBOGEISHA
A young girl’s distraction severs her last familial connection and leads her down a vengeful path in this comic-book fable that uniquely combines theatrical trickery with computer-generated spectacle.

King Chicken
Toronto Premiere
Nicolas Bolduc, 8 min, 2009
Screens Sun, Aug. 15th, 9:45pm in front of HIGH SCHOOL
King Chicken is determined to learn English. He is also determined to pick up the cute girl he instantly falls for at the language lab. Hilarity can only ensue.

Special Jury Award, Fantasia 2009
Toronto Premiere
Pierre Ayotte, 4 min, 2009
Screens Mon, Aug, 16th, 9:45pm in front of ALIEN VS. NINJA
Ever wonder what The Terminator would have been like, if Elvis hadn’t left the building? Of course not! Fortunately Pierre Ayotte has.

The Necronomicon
Toronto Premiere
Joseph Nanni, 2 min, 2009
Screens Fri, Aug, 13th, 7pm in front of THE LAST LOVECRAFT - OPENING GALA FILM
Making your way in the world today takes everything you got… Thank Cthulhu for Abdul Alhazred and his book that’s got all the answers!

The Other Side
World Premiere
Robin Veret, 15 min, 2010
Screens Thurs, Aug, 19th, 7pm in front of BLACK DEATH
World War I. A detachment of French soldiers is pinned down in their trench by a German sniper. The commanding officer is desperate to eliminate the threat, but his methods betray a disturbed psyche.

The Pickles Shane
World Premiere
Adam Brodie & Dave Derewlany, 5 min, 2010
Screens Tues, Aug, 17th, 9:45pm in front of ALL ABOUT EVIL
Bryce just wanted to enjoy his pickles. He didn’t mean to read the ingredients, but he did… and it may cost him his life.

Pleasure Dome
Alison S.M. Kobayashi, 12 min, 2010
Screens Fri, Aug 20th, 7pm in front of RUBBER
Very little is publicly known about what is inside Pleasure Dome. This broadcast was made to learn more about Pleasure Dome from those who inhabit it.

Toronto Premiere
David-James Fernandes, 14 min, 2010
Screens Fri, Aug, 20th, 9:45pm, in front of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE - CLOSING GALA FILM
A young man (Brandon McGibbon from Splice) pays a visit to a reclusive doctor hoping to finally obtain a cure for the disease that has plagued his life – a cure for fear. 

Sock Tease
World Premiere
Aaron Kopff, 12 min, 2010
Screens Wed, Aug, 18th, 7pm in front of CENTURION
“You know, we can’t help the way we’re born”. Moving to a new school can be a jarring experience, particularly if you are a sock. A tale of identity, sex and thread count. It only gets weirder.

They Shall Pay with Rivers of Blood
Buck Anderson, 7 min, 2009
Screens Sat, Aug, 14th, 9:30pm in front of EVIL: IN THE TIME OF HEROES
It is the end of days. The dead now walk the earth. One man stands against the zombie onslaught, but is he humanity’s savior or an even worse force of destruction.

Plus One More Short TBA screening in front of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (Thurs, Aug 19, 9.45 PM)  Note: As a last minute substitute for a Short Film that unfortunately had to be pulled from our lineup due to distribution issues, the festival screened in this timeslot the World Premiere of the extended, uncut trailer to the forthcoming ASTRON 6 / TROMA FILMS feature film, FATHER’S DAY


5 Years Young
Tagline: “Mature Beyond Its Years”
Directed by Chris Nash

All 5 of Your Souls
Tagline: “I just saw Five”
Directed by Family Contact

The SISER Life System
Tagline: “Where are you going to be in 5 Years?”
Directed by Chris Nash

See 10 amazing, new and award-winning short films from around the world in our special presentation SHORTS AFTER DARK (Sat, Aug 14, 4.15pm).

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