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2010 Program

Alien vs Ninja

Seiji Chiba, 2010, Japan, 85 min

Toronto Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Monday, Aug 16 2010, 11.45pm, Bloor Cinema

Short Description

When a group of ninjas encounter an alien invasion force, incredible fight scenes ensue in this total crowd-pleaser from Japan!

The Buzz

“a rollicking, bloody good time (with) a consistent string of physical gags, impressive stunts and exaggerated gore that keep upping the ante” - Fangoria

“There’s barely anything but violent ninjas and even more violent aliens in this film. And that’s fantastic….This film is a big bucket of fun, people. Don’t miss it” - Twitch Film

“The title of this Japanese film pretty much says all you need to know, but the movie’s keen awareness of its own cheesiness adds to the rubber-suited fun”  - Toronto Star, Advance Review

“Delightfully insane….generates a fluid one-two punch of action and satire…proffering creative new ways to behead, flay, disembowel and dissect…and Chiba hasn’t run out of surprises by the end”  - Eye Weekly, Advance Review

Official Selection - Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal


In a land besieged by an intense feud between fashionable ninja clans, a meteor crashes into a forest, and unleashes a brood of xenomorphic aliens that begin to ravage the countryside. After a cursory introduction to our ninja heroes, this film wastes no time fulfilling its titular promise. The moment the entrails start to hit the fan, writer/director Seiji Chiba (DEATH TRANCE) removes the brakes, ties a brick to the accelerator and lets some delirious man-in-suit aliens start throwing down on some bad-ass ninja warriors! There are swordfights, fist-fights, tail-fights (!), gun-fights (!!), horny-alien-fights (!!!). There are fights that send combatants into the utter stratosphere. And never mind the kitchen-sink, this film even throws freakin’ ZOMBIES into the mix! All impeccably choreographed by Yuji Shimomura (the legendary action director behind VERSUS and Toronto After Dark 2006 hit SHINOBI), AVN strikes a sublime balance between balletic swordplay and side-splitting slapstick. And I when I write “side-splitting”, I really mean it literally!
- Peter Kuplowsky

We know how trailer obsessed Toronto After Dark fans are, because we’re fans too. But sometime’s a trailer just don’t do justice to how awesome a film is.  Sadly with ALIEN VS NINJA, that’s the case - all that’s available online is a very low resolution, very dark, overly long, and poorly edited trailer that doesn’t do justice to all of the crazy action, fight scenes, and sense of fun that made this film a HUGE HIT with audiences at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival last month.  Read the review here.


Reel Asian Film Festival, FUNimation Entertainment, Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

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Massacrator. See Canada After Dark for details.

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