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2010 Program

Black Death

Christopher Smith, 2010, UK, 102 min

Toronto Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Thursday, Aug 19 2010, 9.00pm, Bloor Cinema

Short Description

An investigation of witchcraft is at the centre of this medieval horror tale starring Sean Bean (LORD OF THE RINGS)

The Buzz

“A badass Dark Age story about the Black Plague… I love this film.”  - Ain’t It Cool News

“Black Death is smart, classy, and extremely grim. Very good stuff.” - Dread Central

“A striking, mature and deeply scary piece of work.” - Fangoria

“Black Death is another excellent film from Christopher Smith who only seems to get better with each new production. A medieval thriller with hints of the supernatural, a fast paced story, beautiful locations, and some scenes that will stick in your mind.”  - Horror View

“BLACK DEATH is a dark and chilling piece of work….a truly creepy tale of medieval terror” -’s Arrow-In-The-Head

Official Selection - Frightfest, London


Despite its supernatural atmosphere, BLACK DEATH is a horror movie that trades on a very human kind of evil. With Medieval England consumed by the black plague, a monastery is perturbed by reports of an isolated pagan village that remains untouched by the disease. Suspecting the work of witchcraft, a young monk (Eddie Redmayne) is ordered by his superiors to guide a detachment of mercenaries to this pagan community on a mission to beat God back into them. Led by Ulric (Sean Bean from LORD OF THE RINGS), a famed and feared witch-hunter, the monk soon finds himself on a perilous journey that will test not only his faith and moral compass, but the audience’s as well. With BLACK DEATH, Christopher Smith (CREEP, SEVERANCE) continues to prove himself as one of the UK’s brightest and most versatile genre directors.
- Peter Kuplowsky

Screens With Canadian Short Film

The Other Side. See Canada After Dark for details.



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