August 13-20, 2010 - 8 Nights Of New Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

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Ivan Engler, 2009, Switzerland, 105 min

Canadian Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Sunday, Aug 15 2010, 6.15pm, Bloor Cinema

Short Description

In this stunning sci-fi thriller in the mould of ALIEN, a deep space mission crew faces a terrifying new discovery.

The Buzz

“Switzerland has not only produced its first large scale science fiction film….it ranks among sci-fi cinema’s best.” - Quiet Earth

“A Swiss-made throwback to heady space fare like 2001, Solaris and Alien” - Eye Weekly, Advance Review

“Impressive…far more ambitious than most science fiction films” - Sci-Fi Squad

“A surprisingly epic and intriguing science fiction film” - Lucid Nightmare

Official Selection - SXSW Film Festival


In this taut sci-fi thriller from Switzerland, it is the 23rd century and the Earth is uninhabitable. Humans crowd onto space stations and try to scrape together enough money to travel to Rhea, an idyllic planet slowly being colonized. Laura, a young medic, has signed onto a cargo freighter for four years to earn her passage and be reunited with her family. During her 8-month shift alone on watch, Laura discovers she and the small crew are not alone, and what is hiding in the shadows is killing them off one by one. With incredible art direction and nods to films such as ALIEN, SUNSHINE and THE MATRIX, director Ivan Engler creates fear and claustrophobia in the terrifying and enormous silence of space.
- Shelagh Rowan-Legg

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