August 13-20, 2010 - 8 Nights Of New Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2010 Program


Neil Marshall, 2010, UK, 97 min

Toronto Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Wednesday, Aug 18 2010, 9.00pm, Bloor Cinema

Short Description

Romans battle Celtic forces in this brutal new action film from director Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS)

The Buzz

“Imagine a flick like Braveheart, 300, Gladiator… stripped of all those boring scenes… The result would be a movie that looks a lot like Neil Marshall’s Centurion, a fast-paced, visually stunning, and action-heavy period piece…. And it succeeds on all counts.”  - Cinematical

“Loaded to the gills with bone-crunching, limb chopping carnage….a fun action flick” -

“A great time at the theatre…filled with great physical action and fun characters” -

Official Selection - SXSW FIlm Festival


AD 117. Rome, in its effort to expand its empire across the known globe, orders its legendary Ninth Legion into Northern Britain to quell the Picts, a savage Celtic tribe that has brought their plans of total dominion to a standstill. Underestimating the Picts’ strategic intelligence, the legion is quickly decimated, leaving only a handful of survivors and their general (Dominic West of 300 and THE WIRE) taken captive. Led by Centurion Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender from INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), the surviving Romans rally themselves together in a desperate plan to steal back their general and return to the Roman frontier alive, all while battling both the harsh environments and the merciless pursuit of a vengeful Pict warrior (Olga Kyrylenko from QUANTUM OF SOLACE). Writer/Director Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS) orchestrates the proceedings effortlessly, punctuating the frame with sweeping vistas, and his trademark brutal and bloody carnage.
- Peter Kuplowsky


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Comicbook-Style Poster by British artist Simon Bisley (SLAINE, LOBO, ABC WARRIORS)

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