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2010 Program

Evil in The Time of Heroes

Yorgos Noussias, 2009, Greece, 88 min

Toronto Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Saturday, Aug 14 2010, 11.45pm, Bloor Cinema
$13 / $8 if come as a zombie!

Short Description

The people of Athens face a massive zombie outbreak, and only the immortal one (Billy Zane) can save them!

The Buzz

“Off-the-charts fantastic…The Scope is massive, the kills are brutal and bloody, and most of all, it’s entertaining.” - Bloody-Disgusting

“Like 28 Days Later, but with better gore…ceaselessly inventive, Savini-shaming effects” - Eye for Film

“Has the best things you could want from a zombie movie: the zombies move slowly, it’s hilarious and it uses possibly the most fake blood I’ve ever seen” - Den of Geek

“The presence of Billy Zane is one sure indication that director Yorgos Noussias will take matters over the top at every opportunity…there’s so much gonzo gore” - Toronto Star, Advance Festival Review

Official Selection - Edinburgh Film Festival


The Greeks are coming, the Zombies are here! In 2005, Yorgos Noussias brought the zombie apocalypse film home with Greece’s first foray into Romero country… EVIL. Don’t worry though, EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES is a sequel that requires no introduction. (Think EVIL DEAD 2) An ancient evil has once again transformed the populace into flesh-hungry undead, just like it did 2,800 years earlier. Part period piece, part Zom-Com, part gore-tastic excess, we follow a rag-tag group of survivors, including our narrator, a swarmy taxi driver who has somehow survived an unfortunate impaling, and may have more in common with the heroes of olde than you’d ever guess, as they evade crazied degenerates and zombies alike. Thankfully, the Prophitis is here to randomly slice and dice the zombie horde and impart the wisdom of the ages upon our survivors. Did I mention that the Prophitis is none other than Billy Zane!? (DEAD CALM, ZOOLANDER). EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES is tailor made for the zombie lover in all of us, filled to the bloody brim with vicious battles, pitch-black humour, and a whacked-out sense of epic mythology.
- Steven Landry


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