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2010 Program

HIGH School

John Stalberg, 2010, USA, 93 min

Toronto Theatrical Premiere, One Screening Only
Sunday, Aug 15 2010, 11.45pm, Bloor Cinema

Short Description

Adrien Brody co-stars in this outrageous Sundance hit cult comedy about two teens trying to drug their entire school so they don’t fail a test!

The Buzz

“4-STARS….smart, funny…full of surprising turns and hilarious moments, many supplied by Adrien Brody as severely bent drug dealer Psycho Ed. Playful camera work and a lively score add to the fun” - NOW Magazine, Advance Review

“A stupid-funny stoner-com…. Superbad meets Cheech and Chong” - Eye Weekly, Advance Review

“Michael Chiklis is hilarious, and unrecognizable…. as for Adrien Brody (he’s) hilarious as the heavily tattooed, corn-rowed Psycho Ed. If the film picks up the cult following it deserves, this character might go down as a classic” – JoBlo’s Arrow-In-The-Head

“An outrageously over-the-top performance by Adrien Brody” - Cinematical

“Injected with so much style… everything about HIGH SCHOOL is a cut above” – JoBlo’s Arrow-In-The-Head

Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival


An insane, crowd-pleasing hit from Sundance’s Park City at Midnight program, HIGH SCHOOL is a cult comedy that could only be dreamt up by the most drug-infused of brains.  When pot smokers Henry and Travis realize they’re going to fail the school’s new drug test, they hatch a batshit crazy plan to fend off certain expulsion: why not get the entire school high as a kite? After all, the Principal, a slimey Michael Chiklis (THE SHIELD) can’t throw every kid out.  But just when things seem to be going according to devious plan, the town’s biggest nutjob, Psycho Ed (an hysterical ADRIEN BRODY) barges into the school looking for his stolen stash, leading all hell to break loose amongst the now-stoned out of their skulls school children! Featuring an eclectic supporting cast of teachers that includes Colin Hanks (ORANGE COUNTY) and Yeardely Smith (the voice of Lisa from THE SIMPSONS), and an all- new soundtrack from the iconic 80s composer Harold Faltermeyer (TOP GUN, BEVERLY HILLS COP, THE RUNNING MAN), HIGH SCHOOL is a one-of-a-kind cult experience not to be missed!
- Adam Lopez

We know how trailer obsessed Toronto After Dark fans are, because we’re fans too. But sometime’s a trailer just don’t do justice to how awesome a film is.  Sadly with HIGH SCHOOL that’s the case - all that’s available is a teaser which just has a monologue from one of the characters and misses out all of the crazy comedy and action that packs this film and made it such a hit amongst fans at the Sundance Film Festival. Read the review here.

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King Chicken. See Canada After Dark for details.


Adrien Brody Interview at Sundance World Premiere of HIGH SCHOOL


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