August 13-20, 2010 - 8 Nights Of New Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2010 Program

Shorts After Dark (International Short Film Showcase)

10 Short Films, 92 mins in Total
Saturday, Aug 14 2010, 4.15 pm, Bloor Cinema

SHORTS AFTER DARK comprises 10 absolutely mind-blowing new horror, sci-fi, action, and cult short films from around the world, including a number of international award winners. A major highlight is the World Premiere of legendary special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero’s much anticipated short film the United Monster Talent Agency.

Barcelona Venice
Canadian Premiere
David Munoz, 5 min, Spain, 2009
An executive stumbles upon an inter-dimensional secret that could shake the very foundations of human existence. And the airplane companies are not very happy about it.

DemiUrge Emesis
Aurelio Voltaire, 3 min, USA, 2010
TAD alumni Aurelio Voltaire presents his latest stop motion short portraying the anguish of the artist through the experiences of a mummified cat. Narrated by Danny Elfman and featuring the music of chamber-rock band Rasputina!

Deus Irae
World Premiere
Pedro Cristiani, 13 min 30, Argentina, 2010
Humming a sweet lullaby, a mother tucks her daughter into bed. It’s a shame that she has been possessed by a hellish demon from beyond our world.

Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer
Best Sci-fi Short, Boston Sci-fi Film Festival, 2010
Best Lovecraft Short, A Night of Horror International Film Festival

Andrew Jones, 8 min, USA, 2009
When Neo-Mega-Ultra-Tokyo is besieged by a new drug that is wrecking havoc on its citizens, its up to ace reporter Holly Malone to uncover and squash the source – no matter how many stop-motion fiends get in her way.

The Library
Levi Macdougal & David Dineen Porter, 4 min, CANADA, 2009
From the video game company that brought you Resident Evil, comes their most frightening and emotionally exhausting game yet.

Off Season
Best Short Film Nominee, 2010 BAFTA
Panavision Grand Jury Award, Palm Springs Shorts Fest

Jonathan Van Tulleken, 13 min, USA/UK, 2009
In the remote Canadian winter, a transient robs summer cottages in the bleak days and drinks in the bleak nights. Until his dog stumbles upon a less-than-empty cottage with a terrifying secret.

Primer Contacte (First Contact)
North American Premiere
Pau Escribano, 9 min, Spain, 2009
A lonely astronaut wanders the stars. He sleeps. He eats. He cleans. He waits. But when he finally makes contact, will he be able to perform?

Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture, Africa Movie Academy Awards
Best East African Film, Kenya International Film Festival

Wanuri Kahiu, 23 min, South Africa/Kenya, 2009
In a dystopic future where water is scarce and society is forced underground, a young scientist believes she might have found signs of life on the planet, and risks her life to investigate.

The Thomas Beale Cipher
Canadian Premiere
Andrew Allen, 13 min, USA, 2010
Sickness. Madness. Murder. All three haunt a century old riddle that hides the location of a lost fortune. Cryptographer Professor White joins the league of the many before him who have attempted to solve the notorious cipher, but White is not alone in his pursuit.

United Monster Talent Agency
World Premiere
Greg Nicotero, 7 min, USA, 2010
Directors Frank Darabont, Robert Rodriguez and Eli Roth cameo amidst dozens of horror film icons in this impeccably meticulous and loving tribute to monster movies. Produced by the award-winning artists at KNB Effects Group (Army of Darkness, Scream and hundreds of other classic horror films).


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