October 20-27, 2011 - 8 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2011 Program


Julian Gibley, 2011, UK, 98 mins
**Writer/Editor Will Gilbey in Attendance for Q&A!**

Toronto Premiere, One Screening Only
Monday, Oct 24 2011, 9.45pm, Toronto Underground Cinema
$13, Age 19+, Includes entry after screening to social event, Pub After Dark

Short Description

A terrifying new British horror action thriller in the mould of THE DESCENT, about a group of young mountaineers who suddenly find themselves the prey of a team of deadly hunters. Stars Melissa George (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, DARK CITY).

The Buzz

“Mountain climbing is frightening enough, but throw in steep cliffs, a hearty dose of panic, some bone-crunching trauma and sharp-shooting thugs picking off the characters one by one, and you’ve got a unique film that’ll get your heart pounding clear through your ribs!”
- Rue Morgue

“This is one film that you will remember for years not only because of the intense moments, but also because of the beautiful cinematography. This rock climbing thriller flick does not let up for a second!”
- Bloody-Disgusting

“Every shot fired, falling boulder and death resonates deeply, and you will have no time to catch your breath. A LONELY PLACE TO DIE is one of the most effective and intense films I have seen in a while and an immediate survivalist cinema highlight. Highly recommended!”
-  Fangoria

Official Selection -  Over 10 International Film Festivals - including Austin FantasticFest, Montreal Fantasia, London FrightFest, Sitges Fantastic, ActionFest

Winner - Best Feature Film, Best Director (ActionFest), Best Actor (Fantastic Fest)


Winner, 3 Fans Choice Awards for BEST ACTION FILM, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, MOST THRILLING FILM - Toronto After Dark Film Festival

This Film’s Screening at Toronto After Dark had MANY REVIEWS, read them here.


When five mountain-climbers stumble upon a child buried alive atop the Scottish Highlands, they unwittingly involve themselves in a conspiracy that catapults them into the crosshairs of a pair of vicious, unrelenting mercenaries. From the moment the action kicks in, BAFTA-nominated director Julian Gilbey (RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER) never lets it up, barrelling his protagonists off mountains, over rapids, and through forests before finally arriving at a bloody, brutal and bullet-ridden climax that just may have you ripping the armrest out from the theatre chair to relieve the tension. Directed with supreme confidence by Gilbey, who trained himself and his stellar cast, which includes Melissa George (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), Ed Speleers (ERAGON) and Sean Harris (HARRY BROWN), in rock-climbing in order to authentically capture the bevy of breath-taking stunts he stages against equally breath-taking backdrops, this film is that all-to-rare thriller where no character ever feels safe and your heart doesn’t stop pounding until the credits roll.
- Peter Kuplowsky

Screens With Short Film

  • THE INCIDENT, Canada, 2011, 7 min, Jules Saulnier. See Canada After Dark for details.



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