October 20-27, 2011 - 8 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2011 Program


Takeshi Koike, 2010, Japan, 102 mins

Toronto Premiere, One Screening Only
Saturday, Oct 22 2011, 4.15pm, Toronto Underground Cinema
$13 Regular

Short Description

Electrifying, award-winning, new Japanese animation, hand-illustrated and 7 years in the making, about a thrilling, deadly race that takes place on a futuristic alien planet.

The Buzz

“Far and away one of the most exciting animated movies of the decade….REDLINE comes unhesitatingly recommended!”
- Twitch Film

“Pure adrenaline from minutes 1 to 100….This is the next level of stimulus satiation. I’ve never seen anything like it!….Fasten your seatbelts, lean back and GO-GO-GO!!!”
- Quiet Earth

“It’s frantically over-the top in every way possible, but isn’t that what you want from a movie about incredibly high-speed racing in the future?….Any chance to see it on the big screen should be taken; it demands (and deserves) the chance to overwhelm an audience.”
- E Film Critic

Official Selection - Over 10 International Film Festivals including Austin Fantastic Fest, Montreal Fantasia Film Festival, Sci-Fi London Film Festival

Winner, Best Animated Feature - Montreal Fantasia Film Festival


This Film’s Screening at Toronto After Dark had MANY REVIEWS, read them here.


Relax, turn off your mind and accelerate downstream. It is some thousand years in the future, in a galaxy that appears to have been spawned from a SPEED RACER-induced fever dream, where nothing is more important than racing, and no race is more important than the Redline:  a deadly cross-planetary grand prix between the bravest and most psychotic of speed demons, taking place on the surface of Roboworld, whose military government has sworn to exterminate any racer who dares burn rubber on their territory. Featuring a hysterically eccentric cast of characters designed by TAD alumni and KILL BILL animation director Katsuhito Ishii (including character cameos from FUNKY FOREST), a stellar vocal cast that includes Tadanobu Asano (ICHI THE KILLER, MONGEL) and up-wards of 100,000 hand-drawn elements under director Takeshi Koike (key animator on NINJA SCROLL, Dead Leaves and the director of WORLD RECORD from THE ANIMATRIX), this seven-years-in-the-making opus from Madhouse Studios (METROPOLIS, PERFECT BLUE) has so much talent under its hood, one shouldn’t be surprised that this film’s heart-pumping, eye-melting, cranked-out finale doesn’t so much conclude… it explodes!
- Peter Kuplowsky


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