October 20-27, 2011 - 8 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2011 Program

SHORTS AFTER DARK (International Short Film Showcase)

Directed by Various, Combined Run Time: Approx. 100 mins

Saturday, Oct 22 2011, 1.30pm, Toronto Underground Cinema
$13, Age 19+

Short Description

Join us at this Special Showcase at Toronto After Dark of the world’s most thrilling new shorts! Features Nine of the best new horror, sci-fi, action and cult short films from around the world, including the eye-popping ROSA and THE DUNGEON MASTER from Rider Strong (CABIN FEVER).

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All the Short Films Screening at Toronto After Dark received MULTIPLE REVIEWS, read them here.


Toronto After Dark is proud to announce another installment of our SHORTS AFTER DARK program: a slice of some of the very best in International genre cinema, albeit in the short form.

Once again, the series runs the gamut of tone and style as we enthusiastically shine a spotlight on emerging talents like the Lynchian Todd Cobery (GOOD MORNING, BEAUTIFUL) and the Gilliamesque Steve Daniels (DIRTY SILVERWARE), as well as returning international TAD alumni, such as Kelly Sears (THE DRIFT) with her latest conspiracy collage, forebodingly titled ONCE IT STARTED IT COULD NOT END OTHERWISE, and Chema Garcia Ibarra (THE ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS FROM NEBULA 5) and his latest foray into quirky sci-fi absurdism with PROTOPARTICULAS.

While, comedic spins on cultural institutions, like Mother Goose and D&D, are also amusingly accounted for with NURSERY CRIMES and THE DUNGEON MASTER, the latter of which is co-directed by Rider Strong (CABIN FEVER), and the party of game of piñatas is deliriously perverted in MARTHA’S BIRTHDAY by celebrated comic artist Nicholas Gurewitch (THE PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP), gore-hounds can look forward to the unadulterated madness of BRUTAL RELAX, the 2011 Fantastic Fest recipient of the award for Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects and General Badassery. It’s everything a growing cinephile needs.

Finally, in a break with tradition Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes’ PLAY DEAD, a zombie-ridden epic from the perspective of a posse of canine survivors, will be preceding the inaugural zombie walk film DEADHEADS because it is such a refreshing spin on the zombie formula we just had to show it to an undead audience!

- Peter Kuplowsky


Brutal Relax | 15 min | Spain | 2010
Dir. Adrian Cardona, David Muñoz, Rafa Dengrá
Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects and General Badassery, FantasticFest 2011
Toronto Premiere
When a gang of mutant sea-monsters on a murder-spree interrupts Mr. Olivares’ much needed respite at the beach, the gory blitz that ensues is of an a excess not seen since Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead.

DIRTY SILVERWARE | 16 min | USA | 2011
Dir. Steve Daniels
Toronto Premiere
Winner, Best Short Film, Sitges Film Festival
When tainted silverware scorns a young man’s life, he vows vengeance on the demon responsible for conjuring these cursed forks, knives and spoons into existence.

The Dungeon Master | 13 min | USA | 2011
Dir. Rider Strong and Shiloh Strong
Toronto Premiere
After a night of reminiscing, two friends excitedly plan for a nostalgic and casual game of Dungeon and Dragons. Unfortunately, the Dungeon Master they’ve enlisted is taking the game far too seriously.

Dir. Todd Cobery
Toronto Premiere
Official Selection, Small Gauge Trauma, Fantasia Film Festival, 2011
Runner-Up, Best Director (Short), Boston Underground Film Festival, 2011
Reality loses its definition and ugliness pervades what remains, as a father’s grief causes him to spiral into a nightmarish dreamscape worthy of David Lynch.

Martha’s Birthday | 4 min | USA | 2011
Dir. Nicholas Gurewitch
Toronto Premiere
Celebrated comic artist Nicholas Gurewitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship) uncovers a disturbing piñata parable within an innocuous home-movie recording.

Nursery Crimes | 4 min | UK | 2010
Dir. Laura Whyte
Audience Choice Award, British Horror Film Festival
Canadian Premiere
A whimsical, yet macabre series of stop-motion perversions of classic rhymes.

Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise | 8 min | USA | 2011
Dir. Kelly Sears
International Premiere
The close examination of a high school yearbook reveals a devastating incident that subtly, but significantly shaped the corridors of power. Once again, TAD Alumni Kelly Sears (The Drift), transforms the banal into unnerving and hypnotic horror.

Protoparticulas | 7 min | Spain | 2010
Dir. Chema Garcia Ibarra
Canadian Premiere
Proto-matter exists, but its discovery is not without consequence. Sublime sci-fi absurdism.

ROSA | 9 min | Spain | 2011
Dir. Jesus Orellana
Two androids exchange a balletic barrage of bullets and brawn in a struggle to restore the earth’s ecosystem in this gorgeous animated epic.

Screening out of the main showcase as an Opening Short film for the feature DEADHEADS (Sat, Oct 22, 7pm):

Play Dead | 15 min | USA | 2011
Dir. Andres Meza-Valdes and Diego Meza-Valdes
Toronto Premiere
Official Selection, Small Gauge Trauma, Fantasia Film Festival
A zombie epic from the perspective of a posse of canine survivors that perfectly and refreshingly subverts the genre’s conventions and iconography with great style and humor.


Dirty Silverware - Trailer

Brutal Relax - Trailer

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