October 20-27, 2011 - 8 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2011 Program


Xavier Gens, 2011, Canada/Germany/USA, 110 mins
**Director Xavier Gens and Stars Michael Biehn, Michael Eklund and Milo Ventimiglia in Attendance for Q&A!**

Toronto Premiere, One Screening Only
Tuesday, Oct 25 2011, 7.00pm, Toronto Underground Cinema
$13, Age 19+

Short Description

A power struggle amongst a group of apocalypse survivors threatens to tear them apart in this riveting dark sci-fi horror from Xavier Gens. Stars Michael Biehn (TERMINATOR, ALIENS), Michael Eklund (WATCHMEN) and Milo Ventimiglia (HEROES).

The Buzz

“A terrifying and bleak vision of the future whose performances and images will stick with you for days after you watch it….makes for one of the best apocalyptic tales in quite a while.”
- Bloody-Disgusting

“Profoundly intense cinema….A post-apocalyptic “Lord of the Flies”, this is a claustrophobic character study, through and through, and the entire cast is put through paces that are often hard to watch…superb work all around….Michael Biehn gives one of the best performances of his career.”
- Quiet Earth

“Xavier Gens, as he has shown in his previous films FRONTIER(S) and HITMAN, is not afraid to shy away from the darkest corners of the human psyche. And this is indeed a dark, terrifying space….humans are reduced to their worst and in most cases most horrifying characteristics.”
- Twitch Film


Winner, Audience Choice Award for BEST FEATURE FILM, SILVER - Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Winner, Two Fans Choice Awards for BEST SCI-FI FILM and BEST ENSEMBLE CAST - Toronto After Dark Film Festival

This Film’s Screening at Toronto After Dark had MANY REVIEWS, read them here.


It’s the end of the world as we know it, and no one feels fine! As nuclear fire rains down on New York City without explanation, eight residents of a high rise apartment manage to find refuge in the bunker-like basement while the world crumbles around them. THE DIVIDE is not about a war raging out there, it’s about what we’re willing to do to survive, and the toll it takes on our so-called humanity. Forget his foray into big budget American film making,  this is the return of one of France’s latest wave of horror directors. Xavier Gens, the writer/director of FRONTIER(S), delivers a bleak and unsettling look at what happens when we are isolated from society and pushed to the brink. Michael Biehn (THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, THE ABYSS) leads the cast as Mickey, a hard-nosed superintendent attempting to keep order among the survivors, including Lauren German (HOSTEL: PART 2), Rosanna Arquette (PULP FICTION, CRASH), Michael Eklund (WATCHMEN), and Milo Ventimiglia (HEROES) as the days and weeks push on.  Did I mention that it’s bleak? THE DIVIDE will probably not leave you with a smile on your face or a song in your heart, but I think you’ll appreciate it’s unflinching gaze into a shattered world, and the horrors that may come when there’s nothing left to hope for.
- Steven Landry

Screens With Short Film

  • BLIND SPOT, Canada, 2011, 6 min, Matthew Nayman. See Canada After Dark for details.

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