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2011 Program


Jason Trost, 2011, USA, 80 mins
**Director Jason Trost in attendance for Q&A**

World Premiere, One Screening Only
Wednesday, Oct 26 2011, 9.45pm, Toronto Underground Cinema
$13, Age 19+, Includes entry after screening to social event, Pub After Dark

Short Description

KICK-ASS meets SAW in this terrifically dark and twisted tale about four young super heroes forced by their arch-nemesis to compete in a a deadly series of challenges in order to save innocent lives. Costars James Remar (DEXTER) and Lucas Till (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS). 

The Buzz

“One of the most anticipated films premiering at Toronto After Dark”
- Sound On Sight

“Extremely well shot and often gorgeous…Trost and Till in particular make for convincing action leads and fine superheroes…VS goes to dark places in which The Dark Knight would have no business.”
- CHUD (Advance Review)

World Premiere at Toronto After Dark Film Festival!


This Film’s Screening at Toronto After Dark had MANY REVIEWS, read them here.


Four heroes awaken in a seemingly abandoned town, stripped of their powers and at the mercy of their sinister arch-nemesis who forces them into a series of psychological games where the stakes include the lives of the innocent as well as their own. Though their attire bares some resemblance to the home-brewed vigilantes of KICK-ASS, these heroes are Marvel-style “accidents” that have been struggling to use their great powers with greater responsibility and writer/director Jason Trost (co-writer/director and star of the SXSW smash-hit THE FP) approaches their newfound impotency with a sophistication rarely found in superhero fables outside of Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN. Also starring in the film as the stoic leader of the victimized gang of heroes, Trost demonstrates a remarkable charisma that sneaks up on you amidst the small, but strong cast that includes Lucas Till (Havok from X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and a scenery-chewing James Remar (DEXTER), the grinning villain at the centre of this superhero horror flick. All in all, an exceptional cinematic cocktail that blends SAW with Stan Lee, and proves that you don’t need $100 million to tell a superhero story, just smart ideas, well-drawn characters and… well, in this case at least: a deranged Uncle Sam with a flamethrower*.


- Peter Kuplowsky


Screens With Short Film

  • HOW TO RID YOUR LOVER OF A NEGATIVE EMOTION CAUSED BY YOU, Canada, 2011, 16 min, Nadia Litz. See Canada After Dark for details.



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