October 20-27, 2011 - 8 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

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Marko Makilaakso, 2011, USA/Lithuania/Italy, 85 mins
**Filmmakers In Attendance for Q&A!**

World Premiere, One Screening Only
Saturday, Oct 22 2011, 9.45pm, Toronto Underground Cinema
Age 19+, $13 Reg, $11 Zombies, or Buy Zombie Night 2-Pack for $24 Reg, $19 Zombies (Gets 1 ticket to each of DEADHEADS, 7pm and WAR OF THE DEAD, 9.45pm screenings).

Short Description

A thrilling World War II set zombie action film about a group of Allied soldiers who investigate a secret Nazi bunker, only to find themselves under attack from an unstoppable army of the undead!

Note: For Zombie price, must come as Zombie to film, Zombie tix avail in advance! $13, Age 19+, Includes entry after screening to social event, Pub After Dark

The Buzz

World Premiere Screening at Toronto After Dark Film Festival!


This Film’s Screening at Toronto After Dark had MANY REVIEWS, read them here.


It is WW2 and a detachment of American soldiers have joined up with a Finnish platoon in an effort to kick the Russkies out of Finland, but alas everything gets FUBAR when both sides find that their dead are refusing to stay that way. Within 20 minutes WAR OF THE DEAD delivers a set-piece that would typically conclude most zombie siege films, but director Marko Makilaaskso is only just getting started. Soon our rag-tag band of heroes find themselves at the source of the undead-outbreak, an underground Axis research facility, where the zombies get upgraded to the tried and true Nazi variety (a la TAD fan favorite DEAD SNOW). What ensues is a barrage of bullets, bombs and brains, all refreshingly free of the irony and winking that has become all to common in the modern zombie flick. With a stirring soundtrack by Joel Goldsmith (son of Jerry), WAR OF THE DEAD assumes a hard-boiled thousand-yard stare and solely concentrates on delivering wave after wave of highly satisfying and action-packed undead mayhem.
- Peter Kuplowsky


  • Toronto Zombie Walk Please Note: This screening is part of our annual Zombie Appreciation Night at Toronto After Dark. $1 from Every Zombie Priced Ticket is donated to the Toronto Zombie Walk to help them cover costs and keep their event free to the public.

Screens With Short Film

  • YOU ARE SO UNDEAD, 6 mins, Canada, 2010, Alex Epstein. See Canada After Dark for details.

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