October 20-27, 2011 - 8 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!


HOW YOU CAN HELP Us Spread the Word

Toronto After Dark is a very personal adventure, for festival organizers, filmmakers and fans alike, it’s an event run by fans for fans. And we also reach out to our fans to be part of that adventure, shedding light on the many cinematic gems we have spent a whole year bringing to the city! Here’s a few ideas for ways you can help:

1. GET TO KNOW THE FILMS, ‘LIKE’ THE ONES THAT TAKE YOUR INTEREST: Visit our Schedule Page here, and browse and familiarize yourself with all 18 feature films that are screening at Toronto After Dark 2011 and the shorts.  You’ll notice on every film page at our site now, we have LIKE Buttons and also an RSVP button. Just clicking both those will make a difference to creating buzz for the film!
2. POST YOUR TOP PICKS: Post a List on the Top 5 Films You’re Most Excited About in advance of the festival!
3. BUZZ EACH DAY’S FILMS: In the morning of each festival day, tweet and post on facebook what films you are seeing at the festival that day.
4. HAVE FUN WITH OTHER FANS!.e.g. Ask questions & polls via your media outlet on fans favorite types of genre films that tie in thematically with a film screening at our event.  Of if you also want to run a video blog
5. DO AN IN-DEPTH FEATURE ON A FILM: The big news at our festival this year is the record number of World Premieres we will be hosting (Father’s Day, War of the Dead, and VS).  Contact the festival about doing a feature on a particular film of interest to you, particularly any of our three World Premieres and we can try and help set up interviews with filmmakers before or during their visit to Toronto After Dark
6. FOLLOW US AT FB & TWITTER:  To get breaking updates and festival buzz, Like our Facebook Fan Page, Join our Facebook Group,  RSVP at our Facebook Event Page, and Follow us on Twitter
7. TAKE PHOTOS, TAG PEOPLE IN THEM: Take Pictures, Video Clips and TAG Away. Feel free to take pictures and make video clip recordings of fans and filmmakers, social events, intros and Q&A’s, and post them the next day to Facebook and tag people in them.  Please also help us out by tagging any people you recognize in our official Festival Photo Albums now uploaded here.
8. INCLUDE OUR FULL TWITTER ADDRESS: When tweeting about Toronto After Dark include our full Twitter link (not a hashtag): @TADFilmFest  
9. WRITE AND POST FILM REVIEWS ON YOUR SITE OR AT IMDB: Attend as many screenings as you can, and post reviews ideally within 24-48 hours of screenings - either on your site/blog if you have one, or a user review at the film’s IMDB page. When your review is online, be sure to also post it on the Facebook walls of our Fan Page, Group and Event Page for fans to read. If a full review seems a bit hard for time, even a CAPSULE (one paragraph summary review) is helpful for filmmakers to use in their press kits!
10. ALWAYS LINK BACK TO THE TAD SITE: Finally the simple most helpful thing you a;ways can do in posts is to always include a link back to our main festival site i.e.. “The 6th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 8 Nights of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and Cult Movies runs Oct 20-27, 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema. For complete festival info visit http://www.torontoafterdark.com” 

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