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About “Bloor After Dark” - The T-Shirt Design of Toronto After Dark 2012

One of the most striking aspects of Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 was the limited edition “Bloor After Dark” T-Shirt (and matching Poster Design) featuring the festival’s historic home, the Bloor Cinema, under a monstrous attack, illustrated by award-winning local artist, Ghoulish Gary Pullin. We asked Gary to say a few words about his inspiration for the design below. 

About “Bloor After Dark” - The Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 T-Shirt Design

“My first trip to the Bloor Cinema was in back 1998, the year I moved to Toronto. Montreal’s prestigious Fantasia Film Festival spread its tendrils here and for a life-long horror fan from the small town of London Onterrible, the festival experience was something very new and very exciting for me. I caught rare screenings of Fulci’s The Beyond and the world premiere of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm IV: Oblivion. I was in horror heaven. Toronto’s film community sunk it’s teeth into me and it proved to be a life changing experience. I met the folks at Rue Morgue in the lobby when the magazine was in its infancy. I met many fellow horror and cult film enthusiasts there, most of which I still consider life-long friends.

When Rue Morgue started it’s monthly Cinemacabre nights there, I rarely missing a screening. And when Toronto After Dark made a big splash with it’s enthusiastic festival in 2006, it gave us even more of what we loved. More Blood! More Boobs! More Beasts!

The Bloor has been the breeding ground for so many genre fans, it truly has become a second home for us. When After Dark’s film festival director Adam Lopez approached me to create an illustrated poster for the event, I was more than happy to do so. We wanted to pay tribute to the monsters, aliens and zombies that have invaded the legendary theatre over it’s 107 years of operations. While researching and rifling through old photographs of it’s original facade it made me realize just how important and iconic the building has become to the history of our film-loving city. And even now, with it’s shiny new facade, state of the art screen and sound system and, god bless them, those comfy new chairs, I’ll always think of the Bloor as a home for monsters.”  - Gary Pullin


“Ghoulish” Gary Pullin is an award-winning freelance artist residing in Toronto Canada and has steadily carved out his own unique niche with-in the genre he loves – horror.  As Art Director of Rue Morgue Magazine for over 10 years, he had the opportunity to work with many notable contemporaries such as musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie and artist Mike Mignola (Hellboy) as well as horror icons Clive Barker and Basil Gogos. When he’s not making monsters for the likes of Mondo, Anchor Bay, Arrow Video, Universal Music and most recently, Death Waltz Records for a vinyl release of John Carpenter’s They Live score, Gary is Rue Morgue’s resident art columnist for The Fright Gallery. Look for his illustrations in Glass Eye Pix’s upcoming documentary, Year of the Living Dead, about the making of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead during the civil unrest of the 60s. Visit http://www.ghoulishgary.com to see more of his work.

Portrait of Gary Pullin by Jason Edmiston

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