October 18-26, 2012 - 9 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

2011 Program

INBRED - Toronto Premiere! - Fri, Oct 19, 9.45 PM at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema - hosted with Rue Morgue

Directed by Alex Chandon, UK, 2012, 94 mins

Principal Cast: Jo Hartley, Seamus O'Neill, James Doherty

Toronto Premiere, One Screening Only
Fri, Oct 19, 9.45pm, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor St. W. at Bathurst. Door Tickets from: 5.45pm, Seating from: 9.15pm.
$14 Regular Ticket, $24 Double Feature Ticket with CRAVE at 6.45 pm. Buy Advance Tickets Online Here until 11.59pm Day Before Screening.

Short Description

With nods to the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and DELIVERANCE, this over-the-top gory British horror film finds a group of inner-city kids and their counsellors on a field trip fall prey to a rural village’s inbreds and their uniquely violent form of hospitality. Warning: not for the weak of stomach!

The Buzz

“Jaw-dropping special effects and over the top gore. No self respecting gorehound should miss INBRED!” - Ain’t It Cool News

“Deliciously gory, occasionally shocking and decidedly vicious!” - Dread Central

“If you have the stomach for it, I urge you to check this out!” - Twitch

Official Selection - over 20 International Film Festivals - Including London FrightFest, Fantasia Film Festival

Winner - 5 Film Festival Awards - including Best Special Effects,  Fantaspoa (Brazil)


Keep calm and carry on? Not in INBRED, a distinctly British stab at the hillbilly survival horror movie crammed full ‘o black humour and brutal gore gags. The mayhem begins when a pair of social workers takes a group of troubled youth out to the countryside for a weekend of character-building and end up fighting for their lives when they cross the demented locals. It seems that the villagers of Mortlake like to amuse themselves by staging a circus-like performance in which the unwilling stars are bound, tortured and killed in ways involving farm equipment, animals and good old-fashioned blunt objects. (You won’t believe what they’re gonna do with that tank of manure…) But this time the prey fights back. Shotguns, animal traps, speeding vehicles and even more good old-fashioned blunt objects are thrown into the mix as the city blokes and local folks battle it out. INBRED will make ya laugh, cringe, gag and fear farms forever.
- Dave Alexander

Screens with Short Film:
World Premiere
Daryl Shaw, 5 min, Canada, 2012
Within the first thirty seconds, a man with garlic bread for a head kicks someone in the face. Are you not entertained?


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