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2011 Program

Juan of the Dead - Special Presentation, Wed, June 27, 7pm at Bloor Cinema

Directed by Alejandro Brugués, Cuba, 2011, 94 mins

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor Street W.
$13 Regular, $11 Bloor Members, $22 Double Feature with THE PACT at 9.45 pm, $39 Summer All-Access Pass (4-Pack) with Priority Seating at all June 27 & July 11 Films. Restricted 18+

Short Description

With fantastic, innovative zombie kills mixed in with some delicious, dark comedy, all set against a stunning island backdrop, it’s easy to see why Cuba’s first zombie movie has become an unmissable festival circuit hit!

The Buzz

“Absolutely wonderful, from the dialogue, to the many classic scenes…zombie makeup and kills amongst the best ever seen…a Home Run!” 

“A fun and often hilarious film that puts a fresh spin on highly familiar material…boasting one of the greatest mass zombie killing scenes in the history of the zombie cinema!”

“Juan of the Dead is a survival horror film that knows what it is doing….filled with clever dialogue, plenty of solid gore and the blackest of black humor” 

Official Selection - FANTASTIC FEST, TIFF, SITGES, LOS ANGELES and 5 Other Film Festivals

Runner-Up Audience Award for Best Feature Film - FANTASTIC FEST


In JUAN OF THE DEAD, the zombie genre not only gets a refreshing makeover, courtesy of Cuba’s first film to feature the undead, but an instant addition to the zombie movie hall of fame. Featuring a wickedly entertaining storyline about the outrageous adventures of a charismatic zombie-slaying antihero (played by lanky Alexis Díaz de Villegas),  stunning use of historic locations in Havana, and some of the most original zombie kills ever set to film, it’s easy to see why JUAN has become such a festival circuit hit. Viewers will also be delighted to finally see a zombie comedy that lives up favourably to comparison with fan favourite SHAUN OF THE DEAD. 

Juan’s a bit of a rogue, and never seems to be able to hold down a steady money-earning job. But he also knows how to survive with a keen sense of street smarts. When the people of Havana face a massive outbreak of the undead, he comes up with his latest get-rich-quick scheme: for the right fee, he’ll put down people’s infected loved ones. But with so many zombies to kill, Juan has to bring in a bunch of lowlifes from the streets to help him with the business. With few resources to hand, Juan and his misfit crew are forced to improvise, and together they come up with clever ways to kill zombies. Many of their methods backfire, but that’s half the fun of this movie: watching a group of complete unprofessionals try and ply their trade in the midst of an apocalypse!
- Adam Lopez






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