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2011 Program

The Pact - Canadian Premiere, Wed, Jun 27, 9.45 pm at Bloor Cinema

Directed by Nicholas McCarthy, USA, 2012, 91 min

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor Street W.
$13 Regular, $11 Bloor Members, $22 Double Feature with JUAN OF THE DEAD at 7pm, $39 Summer All-Access (4-Pack Pass) includes Priority Seating on Jun 27 & July 11. Restricted 18+

Short Description

A scary and creepy atmospheric supernatural film that was a big hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, about a young woman that returns to her childhood home and finds herself haunted by a mysterious and terrifying force. Co-stars Casper Van Dien (SLEEPY HOLLOW, STARSHIP TROOPERS).

The Buzz

“Quite easily, one of the scariest films I’ve seen in a long while!”

“A lot of fun, perfectly spooky, and complex enough to keep me interested beyond the usual startles and repulsive imagery that many films of this ilk rely on.”

“Effectively delivers the creepy builds, the jolts in the night, and the “holy crap!” moments”

“More than once, McCarthy managed to jolt the living shit out of me. And I love him for it.”



Nicololas McCarthy’s THE PACT, based on a his own short film that premiered in 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival, is infused with dread from note one of its fantastic score.

As a favour to her sister, Annie (Caity Lotz) reluctantly returns to town for their mother’s funeral, and re-enters the house of her childhood. It’s pretty apparent that there is something seriously wrong here, as her sister is nowhere to be found, inanimate objects seems to move on their own, and the palpable sense of a malevolent presence infuses every dark corner of the house. Aided by a grizzled police detective played by Casper Van Dien (SLEEPY HOLLOW, STARSHIP TROOPERS) and a drugged out psychic, Annie begins to uncover a disturbing family secret, and its ties to the unsolved crimes of a serial killer.

A modern day take on the classic haunted house story, it ratchets up the tension with each unsettling turn, and slowly creeps along to reach out and jolt you out of your seat when you least expect it.
- Steven Landry


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