October 13-21, 2016 - 9 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!

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SHORTS AFTER DARK - Intl Short Film Showcase - Sat, Oct 15 - 3.30 pm - Scotiabank Theatre

SHORTS AFTER DARK is back for another sampling of the year’s most inspired genre short films from around the world. This year’s lineup feature 10 incredible new horror, sci-fi, action and cult shorts.

Tim Egan, 10 min, AUS, 2016
Precariously perched on the slope of a smooth monolithic structure that recedes into a horrifying abyss, a woman strives to escape sliding to her doom; a nightmare expertly sustained and expressed through visceral visuals and a haptic soundscape.

Robert Savage, 12 min, UK, 2016
Sporting a novel conceit that breathes new life into an oversaturated sub-genre, this network narrative of hearing-impaired protagonists unravels moments before the world gets a bad case of the undead.

Will Blank, 8 min, USA, 2016
An act of kindness to a supernatural creature affords a man of many regrets with a single wish. A stark but moving adaptation of a graphic novella by Marian Churchland.

Amanda Kramer, 11 min, USA, 2016
Impressively dilated performances and a keen command of tone ground an increasingly absurdist argument between two young women, which eventually curdles into an unsettling psychological breakdown.

Alban Ravassard, 17 min, FRA, 2015
When a police detective’s wife resurfaces after missing for years, their unhealthy relationship begins to transform, and the true monster is revealed.

Oliver Park, 7 min, UK, 2016
A masked mannequin is used to terrorize Anna who is home all alone, or at least she hopes she is. 

Anthony Cousins, 10 min, USA, 2016
A terrifically gross-out body horror bonanza that recalls THE TINGLER by way of Frank Henenlotter as it unspools a tale of disgusting parasites and the hosts that love them.

Grier Dill, 2 min, USA, 2016
Learn about the benefits of lesser known vitamins as well as their devastating effects in this whimsically retro educational video. 

Paul Briganti, 15 min, USA, 2015
In this surreal suburban dark comedy, the need for approval motivates soccer moms Jill and Lisa to do whatever it takes to have the perfect family as well as perfect teeth.   

Dianne Bellino, 15 min, USA, 2016
An extraordinarily visceral claymation drama depicting the touching connection that grows between a friendly rabbit and a sheepish wolf whose anxieties manifest as an obsessive and violent itch.

Total Run time: approx: 100m

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