October 13-21, 2016 - 9 Nights Of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies!


SCHEDULE & TICKETS to Toronto After Dark Film Fest, Oct 13-21 at Scotiabank Theatre Now Available!

Festival Schedule & Tickets

Please scroll down below to see the complete schedule and to buy tickets to screenings at the 11th Annual Toronto After Dark: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Film Festival. Included below is a brief summary of all 20 films screening over 9 thrilling nights, this Oct 13-21 at the Scotiabank Theatre, 259 Richmond St. West, Toronto. For a scaled down Downloadable PDF version of the Schedule click here.


To avoid disappointment, please scroll down this page and buy your Tickets & Passes without delay! 

BUYING TICKETS: Individual Screening Tickets are now on sale priced at $13 General for Single Tickets, $11 in Multipack Series as long as purchase Two or more films in the same shopping cart online. Our tickets are sold through Cineplex, so you can earn SCENE Reward points on their purchase! As a Special Bonus, Screenings on Monday Oct 17 earn Double Points! But Hurry: as with last year, we expect a number of early sell-out screenings at the fest.

Click on the Buy Tickets buttons below any of the screening descriptions below.  You can also buy tickets in person at the venue from regular ticket counters, from approximately 12.30pm daily and at anytime using the Cineplex App. 

If a film is listed as Sold Out in advance, you can still try for tickets in person by joining the Rush Line at the venue which will form from 1 hour before the screening starts. After an empty seat count just a few mins before the show, any spare tickets will be issued on a first come, first served basis to those waiting in the Rush Line!

The Running Time for each screening from start to finish is approximately two hours in total and includes a couple of trailers, a pre-feature Canadian Short Film, and an Intro or Q&A with the feature filmmakers if available.  All screenings are Restricted to Adults Age 18+  Additional Festival and Screening Notes found at the Bottom of This Page.



With the exception of a few select Special Presentations, all screenings are minimum Toronto, Canadian or North American Theatrical Premieres. 

Most films screen only once.  Second Screenings starting at 11.59pm have been added for three films expected to be extra popular (UNDER THE SHADOW, TRAIN TO BUSAN and THE VOID) in order to give more ticket buyers a chance to see them. While Passholders enjoy Priority Line entry to all films, for Second Screenings which are Sold Out admittance may be limited to the first 50 Passholders in line.

Nightly Social Event: All tickets and passes include free entry to Pub After Dark, our official festival nightly social event where you can hang out with the filmmakers and other festivalgoers, on the top floor of the nearbye Office Pub at 117 John Street from 11.30pm until late (Restricted to Adults 19+).  During our fest dates: show your Ticket or Passes at any time of day at The Office Pub to get a 25% discount on regular food items!


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If you haven’t already be sure to get the ultimate souvenir of Toronto After Dark Film Festival our exclusive, limited edition illustrated t-shirts ”Cinema After Dark” and “Monsters After Dark” available exclusively in the lobby of the Scotiabank Theatre at our Guest table, from 1 hour before festival screenings for just $20 all inclusive. But hurry to grab yours, as we expect popular sizes to sell out early!


Before buying tickets below don’t forget to consider Toronto After Dark’s best-seller:  The Festival All-Access Pass! It gives the convenience of the entire festival in your pocket with Priority Line Entry to all 20 films for just $149!  The Pass represents a huge 40% discount and a saving of over $110 vs buying regular tickets, and works out to just $7.45 a film! Only 200 available, it’s so popular it sells out in advance every year. Oct 11 Update: 100% Sold Out!  PASS PICKUP: If you’ve bought a pass already, you can pick yours up at the festival, by following the pickup instructions here.


Full Terms and Conditions of Ticket and Pass Use and attending the festival available here..  If you have any questions about the screenings, festival or ticketing please Contact Us 





7.00 PM UNDER THE SHADOW (Iran/UK/Jordan) Opening Gala Film & Special Presentation - First Screening - Expected to Sell Out Soon!
Directed by Babak Anvari
We open the festival with the the scary Sundance sensation UNDER THE SHADOW, a supernatural tale that’s drawn comparisons with previous festival gem, THE BABADOOK. After her husband leaves to fight in the war with Iraq, an Iranian mother and her young daughter are left to cope by themselves in an increasingly deserted apartment building. It’s soon clear that someone or something else has moved into the building with them, an evil spirit with a sinister agenda of its own that threatens their lives. One the scariest films of the year, UNDER THE SHADOW is not to be missed!
Screens with short film Kookie by Justin Harding
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9.30 PM TRASH FIRE (USA) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Richard Bates Jr.
Richard Bates Jr’s (EXCISION, SUBURBAN GOTHIC) latest Sundance hit is a twisted, dark, funny suburban horror piece about a young man Owen (ENTOURAGE’s Adrian Grenier) who finally agrees to take his longtime girlfriend for a weekend trip to meet his estranged family. With his parents having died in a fire, the visitors find themselves sharing a roof with Owen’s terrifying grandmother and his creepy sister who lives like a recluse in the attic. It’s not long before they also uncover a chilling family secret that involves a web of lies, deception and murder! 
Screens with short film Ape Sodom by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
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7.00 PM WAR ON EVERYONE (USA/UK) Canadian Premiere
Directed by John Michael McDonagh
This is the cop movie for Toronto After Dark fans! if LETHAL WEAPON got a Quentin Tarantino makeover you might end up with SXSW hit WAR ON EVERYONE about a pair of antiheroes who violently abuse the law as much as they enforce it. Wise-cracking bad boy detectives Terry (TRUE BLOOD’s Alexander Skarsgard) and Bob (ANT-MAN’s Michael Pena) have become a law unto themselves in small town, New Mexico. In between extorting local criminals, ignoring orders from their Police Chief (Paul Reiser), they also drink excessively, take drugs and party too hard. But things are about to change for our despicable duo: there’s a new Godfather in town, a mysterious Brit, who has diabolical plans for the town, and no two bad cops are going to stand in his way. Then again, maybe they will, ultra-violently!
Screens with short film Imitations by Fabian Velasco,  Milos Mitrovic
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9.30 PM LET HER OUT (Canada) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Cody Calahan
**Cast & Crew In Attendance for Q&A!**
Cody Calahan’s (ANTISOCIAL) latest horror chiller will have you creeped out about hearing your inner voice!  After getting injured in a road accident, bike courier Helen is informed by hospital staff about a strange growth they’ve discovered in her brain. Soon after being discharged, a sinister female voice begins to fill the young woman’s head, summoning forth an evil side to Helen’s personality that threatens the lives of everyone she loves!
Screens with short film Ink by Ashlea Wessel
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11.59 PM UNDER THE SHADOW (Iran/UK/Jordan) - Second Screening of Opening Gala Film - Expected to Sell Out Soon!
Directed by Babak Anvari
We open the festival with the the scary Sundance sensation UNDER THE SHADOW, a supernatural tale that’s drawn comparisons with previous festival gem, THE BABADOOK. After her husband leaves to fight in the war with Iraq, an Iranian mother and her young daughter are left to cope by themselves in an increasingly deserted apartment building. It’s soon clear that someone or something else has moved into the building with them, an evil spirit with a sinister agenda of its own that threatens their lives. One the scariest films of the year, UNDER THE SHADOW is not to be missed!
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A collection of 10 incredible International horror, sci-fi, action and cult short films will screen this year as part of our popular global short film showcase. Find out more about the films here.  CURVE (Trailer), DAWN OF THE DEAF, LIMBO, BARK, THE CALL, STILL, WHEN SUSURRUS STIRS (Trailer), VITAMINS FOR LIFE, GREENER GRASS and THE ITCHING.

6.30 PM THE REZORT (UK/Spain) North American Premiere
Directed by Steve Barker
THE WALKING DEAD meets JURASSIC PARK in THE REZORT, the latest British crowdpleaser for zombie action fans! In the near future, after a zombie apocalypse wipes out one fifth of the planet’s population, the only undead left are kept contained on a remote island.  There, the wealthy can pay to come and go on Zombie Safaris and hunt the undead for sport. But after the zombie containment systems fail on the island, it’s time for the vacationers to see how long they can survive when the tables turn and the living become the hunted!
Co-Presented by Zombie Wrestling 
Screens with short film Do You See What I See? by Justin McConnell, Serena Whitney
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TRAIN TO BUSAN (Korea) Special Presentation
Directed by Sang-ho Yeon 
For our annual Zombie Night, we simply had to screen the best zombie film of the year at Toronto After Dark! So all aboard the TRAIN TO BUSAN as we embark on an incredible undead rollercoaster ride that’s delighted zombie fans around the world. Look forward to plenty of thrills, kills and dark humour on the journey as our band of passengers tries to survive an outbreak of the walking dead on a speeding train! Don’t miss this possibly final chance to see TRAIN TO BUSAN on the Big Screen, a zombie action film that’s such a crowd-pleaser, it received a standing ovation on its debut this year at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival!
Trailer Poster Review 
Co-Presented by Reel Asian

9.15 PM: TRAIN TO BUSAN - First Screening
Screens with short film Divorced Dad: Home Improvements by Conor Sweeney


11.59 PM: TRAIN TO BUSAN - Second Screening - Expected to Sell Out Soon!


4.00 PM KILL COMMAND (UK) Special Presentation
Directed by Steven Gomez
Emmy-Award winning VFX artist Steve Gomez draws inspiration from sci-fi action classics THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, PREDATOR and WESTWORLD with his thrilling feature debut. An elite army unit is dropped off on a remote island to train against some mysterious, new weaponized machines. Soon the soldiers discover to their horror that their metal foes have evolved artificial intelligence to the point that they can now out smart - and out kill - the humans! 
Screens with short film Paranormal Radio by Andrew Jeffrey
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6.45 PM IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE (USA) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Ti West
Award-winning horror filmmaker Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS) delivers a bloody Western laced with plenty of dark humour in this Tarantinoesque tale of a lone drifter (Ethan Hawke) who ends up in a duel with a corrupt local sheriff (John Travolta) and his gunslinging posse. A big hit at SXSW, the fantastic supporting cast includes Taissa Farmiga, Larry Fessenden and Karen Gillan.
Screens with short film Olga by Olaf Svenson
Trailer Poster  Review

9.30 PM BLOOD FATHER (USA/France) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Jean-François Richet
A big hit at this year’s Cannes Film Fest, don’t miss this return to form from the Original Road Warrior! Mel Gibson (MAD MAX) delivers one of his finest movie performances in years as John Link, a grizzled Tattoo parlour owner on a violent quest to recover his missing daughter Lydia from a local drug cartel. With the assistance of a trailer park buddy (William H Macy) they free Lydia, but in doing so initiate a war with the local gang’s kingpin, a fabulously deranged Diego Luna (STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE). Intense shoot-outs, car and motorcycle chases and explosions ensue, as father and daughter engage in a brutal, bloody fight for their survival!
Screens with short film Jacob’s Wrath by Alexandre Carrière
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7.00 PM I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER (USA) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Billy O’Brien
Based on Dan Well’s best selling horror-thriller I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER was a big hit at SXSW. In-between the stresses of attending a small town high school and helping his mom at her dayjob preparing dead bodies for the local funeral home, young John Cleaver finds himself becoming obsessed with idea of killing people. Daily conversations with an elderly neighbour (BACK TO THE FUTURE’S Christopher Lloyd) seem to keep the teen’s mental state in check. But when a series of gruesome murders shakes the town, John’s obsession with tracking the mysterious serial killer threatens to take the youngster to a dark and disturbing place from which he may never return. 
Screens with short film Boy Toys by Trevor Kristjanson
Trailer Poster Review

9.30 PM BED OF THE DEAD (Canada) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Jeff Maher
**Cast & Crew In Attendance for Q&A!**
Just when you thought it was safe to sleep, along comes acclaimed cinematographer Jeff Maher (ANTISOCIAL, BITE) to give you nightmares with his bloody directorial debut BED OF THE DEAD!  With a nod to A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, a cursed wooden bed unleashes a wave of nighttime terror on four unsuspecting young adults staying in the same seedy hotel. One by one, the bed’s victims are forced to confront their darkest sins or face being punished in a myriad of inventive bloody ways! Dripping with dread, with a chilling score expect to have sleepless nights after staying in BED OF THE DEAD! 
Screens with short film It’s All In Your Head by Greg Jeffs
Trailer Poster  Review


7.00 PM AS THE GODS WILL (Japan) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Takashi Miike
THE HUNGER GAMES meets BATTLE ROYALE in the latest outrageous masterpiece from legendary Japanese horror icon Takashi Miike (ICHI THE KILLER).  A mysterious, powerful entity takes over a high school and forces the teens to play a series of deadly elimination games, from which only a few will survive. Adding to the freakishness: all the death matches involve innocent toys from childhood coming to life and terrorizing the players! 
Screens with short film Wizardly Wickedly Weeping by Josh Owen
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9.30 PM CREEPY (Japan) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Prepare to be creeped out by the new serial killer chiller from acclaimed Japanese horror maestro Kiyoshi Kurosawa (CURE, PULSE) that’s been picking up awards on the festival circuit. In this suffocatingly tense tale, a number of unsolved murder cases makes an ex-cop and his anxious wife begin to direct their suspicions towards a creepy, mysterious neighbour, who sets their nerves on edge!
Co-Presented by Reel Asian
Screens with short films Don’t Scream by Kalen Artinian and Shutter by Ryan Kjolberg
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7.00 PM ANTIBIRTH (USA/Canada) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Danny Perez
**Director & (Just Announced!) Leading Actress Natasha Lyonne and select Cast & Crew In Attendance for Q&A!**
Natasha Lyonne (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) stars in the Sundance hit horror comedy about a hard partying girl dealing with increasingly bizarre symptoms coming from an unexplainable pregnancy. A fantastic supporting cast along for the freaky ride include Chloe Sevigny, Meg Tilly and Mark Webber. 
Screens with short film Emty Drive by Simon Mercer
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9.45 PM THE STAKELANDER (STAKE LAND 2) (USA/Canada) Canadian Premiere
Directed by Dan Berk, Robert Olsen
**Directors & Select Cast & Crew in Attendance for Q&A!**
Post-apocalyptic vampire-slayers rejoice! The anticipated follow-up to fan favourite STAKE LAND is finally here. With much of the cast and crew returning, the thrilling sequel picks up the action just a few years after the original. When his home town New Eden is destroyed by a revitalized group of vamps, young Martin (Connor Paolo) tracks down the original vamp-slaying legend Mister (Nick Damici) for help. With the vamp forces growing more powerful, it’s clear a brutal showdown between humans and blood suckers is just on the horizon! The film was just completed, so we don’t even have a official trailer or poster yet. But trust us: if you liked the original vamp-slaying hit, you’ll have a fangtastic time with this crowd-pleasing sequel!  Flashback to the Original:
Screens with short film Peephole by Doug Cook
Flashback to the original STAKE LAND: Trailer Poster


7.00 PM THE MASTER CLEANSE (USA) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Bobby Miller
Mixing creepy cute critters with horror (think GREMLINS but much darker), THE MASTER CLEANSE was a real hit with fans at this year’s SXSW.  Feeling down in the dumps, Paul (BIG BANG THEORY’s Johnny Galecki) decides to take a break from the city by staying at a unique retreat where the eccentric owners (played by the marvellous Angelica Huston and Oliver Platt) promise a body cleanse unlike no other. There, Paul and a fellow retreater (PUSHING DAISIES’ Anna Friel) must confront their little demons both figuratively and literally if they are to survive! Unfortunately no trailer available, only a short clip that does’t do this film justice. Rest assured Bobby Miller’s debut feature is an outstanding dark and twisted horror comedy you won’t want to miss!
Screens with short film Indigo by Jody Wilson
Film Clip Poster Review

9.30 PM FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET (South Africa) North American Premiere
Directed by Alastair Orr
**Directors In Attendance for Q&A!**
A big hit at its recent Fright Fest London debut, FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET is a crowd-pleasing new supernatural horror thriller from South Africa. Starring fan favourite survivor girl Sharni Vinson (YOU’RE NEXT), three kidnappers get more than they bargained for when they abduct a wealthy businessman’s daughter for one night in order to extract a ransom. It’s not long before they realize that a demonic force has taken possession of her body and has sinister plans of its own for the kidnappers.  Unfortunately no trailer yet available, but trust us, Willow Street is one chilling cinematic address you’ll want to visit!
Screens with short film Pyotr495 by Blake Mawson


7.00 PM THE LURE (Poland) Toronto Premiere
Directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska
Picking up multiple awards on the festival circuit since its Sundance hit debut, THE LURE is a one-of-a-kind sensation, a horror musical from Poland featuring man-eating mermaids! When a sleazy promoter hires two strange young girls to sing at his nightclub, he doesn’t count on their ability to also turn into carnivorous blood-thirsty fish! Unfortunately no full trailer available to show you how awesome this film is. Just trust us when we say that THE LURE is a crowd-pleasing unique cinematic experience featuring some great bloody kills interspersed between stunning musical numbers and is simply not to be missed! 
Co-Presented by The MUFF Society
Screens with short film Dennis In The Bathtub by Steve Murphy
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THE VOID (Canada) Closing Gala Film & Canadian Premiere
Directed by Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski
**Cast & Crew In Attendance for Q&A at 9.30pm Show**
Toronto After Dark 2016 closes with the much-anticipated Canadian Premiere of THE VOID, Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s follow-up to their previous cult sensations MANBORG and FATHER’S DAY.  With a throwback to classic horror master John Carpenter, THE VOID brilliantly combines a tense siege movie with a terrifying creature feature.  Sheriff Carter picked the wrong night to pay a visit to the remotely located local hospital. Outside, a gang of white sheeted creeps surrounds the place, threatening the lives of anyone that wants to leave. Inside, a deadly sinister and multi-tentacled life form is on the loose. Featuring an intense atmosphere of terror plus outstanding practical creature effects, THE VOID is a dark horrifying experience you won’t want to miss!  Concept Trailer  Poster Review

9.30 PM: THE VOID - First Screening 
Screens with short film WW2 Bluatsauger: Crypt Of Doom by Neil Warren

11.59 PM: THE VOID - Second Screening - Expected to Sell Out Soon!

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