Terms & Conditions

Attendees and those interested in attending or submitting or screening films at Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TADFF) 2019 and its events, should familiarize themselves with following Terms and Conditions regarding the use of Tickets, Passes, attendance and participation in the festival in general:

  1. AGE RESTRICTION: All Festival Screenings are rated and are likely to have certain age restrictions, most commonly 18A or 14A. Some exceptions may apply, as marked in the festival schedule and on the Cineplex Website closer to the event. Due the restricted nature of certain films, Festival ALL-ACCESS Passes are Restricted to adults age 18+. Pub Social Events restricted to 19 years and older.

  2. PRICING: Prices subject to revision, applicable taxes and advance ordering fees.

  3. AVAILABILITY: All advance and door purchased tickets and passes are in limited supply, and subject to availability.

  4. ADVANCE TICKETING PROVIDER: Advance Box Office Service provided by Cineplex.  Advance All-Access Pass Sales and other Passes provided by TADFF.

  5. ALL SALES FINAL: No cancellation, refunds or exchanges. Tickets are good only for the screening for which they are issued. Tickets and Passes will not be replaced if lost or stolen, and are non-transferable or re-sellable.

  6. ALL-ACCESS PASS PICK-UP: Please Note: Your advance purchased Passes will not be mailed to you. All Access Pass purchasers must first pick up a Laminated All-ACCESS Pass in order to gain access to screenings and events.  The Pass purchase receipt alone will not get you access to the cinema.  Laminated ALL-ACCESS Passes can be picked up starting the first day of the festival, Thurs, Oct 17, 2019 at the ALL ACCESS PASS PICK UP table located in the upstairs lobby of Scotiabank Theatre, 259 Richmond Street W., starting at 5PM, i.e. from two hours before the first screening of the festival. For the rest of the festival you can pick up your Pass from one hour before the first screening of the day starts. Please print off a copy of the receipt you were sent by PayPal when you made your advance order - or save the receipt to the screen of a digital device you can bring with you, plus Photo ID that matches the name used in the purchase,  when you go to pick your pass order.  If you are sending someone else to do pick-up for you, make sure they have have the Photo ID of the purchaser and a receipt copy with them.  If a Credit Card was used in the purchase, the matching card will also need to be brought by whoever is doing the pickup. 

  7. SEATING AT SCREENINGS: Customers must present a valid ticket or pass to gain admittance to a screening. Please arrive at your screening venue a minimum of 30 minutes prior to each screening to ensure seating. Seating is NOT guaranteed for ticket or pass holders arriving less than 15 minutes before scheduled screening times, as vacant seats are liable to be filled by those waiting in the Rush Line. Standing at the back of the theatre or sitting in the aisle is not allowed.All customers must leave the cinema and lobby following each screening. Seats inside the theatre may not be saved. Please do not leave empty seats in the middle of the row. Rush seating is less disruptive to the rest of the audience if empty seats are available on the aisles.

  8. SECOND/ENCORE SCREENINGS: TADFF may add a Second or Encore Screening to the film schedule in order to give ticket buyers a chance to see some of the more popular films in the festival. Second Screenings will typically start after 11pm. While Passholders reserve priority line entry to all films, Second Screening admittance may be limited to a maximum cap of approximately 50 Passholders, depending on the screening.

  9. RUSH TICKETS: At sold-out screenings, those without tickets can join the Rush Line. A limited number of Rush tickets will be released at the door, a few minutes before each screening, depending on the number of available seats.

  10. LATECOMERS: Latecomers with valid tickets or passes will be seated only at the discretion of TADFF staff, if seats are available. There will be no admittance 15 minutes after the start of a program.

  11. SCREENING TIMES: Film start time and length, as listed in the schedule, represents the best available information at press time and is for your convenience only. Length of film does not include film introductions or Q&A sessions following the screening. Screenings and schedules are subject to change without notice.

  12. USE OF DIGITAL DEVICES: Use of cameras and any recording devices is strictly prohibited during screenings. In addition personal digital devices and wearable technologies including but not limited to cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, pagers,  smart watches, Google Glass / head-worn technology and wrist watch alarms and chimes must be switched off and muted for screenings.

  13. PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY OF TICKET & PASS HOLDERS: By using a ticket or pass to enter a ticket venue or TADFF social after-screening event, the ticket/pass holder agrees to being photographed, filmed or recorded in the event venue and to the publication, reproduction and other use of all photographs, video or other recordings of the ticket holder’s voice or likeness without further notice or compensation in any publicity or advertisement carried out by, or on behalf of, TADFF in any manner whatsoever, including print, broadcast or the internet.

  14. MISTREATMENT OF STAFF, VOLUNTEERS & AUDIENCE MEMBERS: Our staff and volunteers are here to ensure the best possible Festival experience for all; TADFF will not tolerate mistreatment of any kind of its staff or volunteers and will take measures accordingly. TADFF is a fully inclusive event. Physical or verbal harassment towards patrons or staff will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting such behaviour will be removed from the premises

  15. WAIVER:  By reading this and/or using a ticket or pass at TADFF, the user waives and releases TADFF from all claims he/she may have against TADFF for any loss, damage, injury, liability or expense he/she may suffer, arising from his/her presence at the event venue due to any reason whatsoever, including those arising from personal injury, property loss/damage or death.

  16. USE OF EMAIL: All online purchases of Tickets to TADFF events require a valid contact email to be provided. In addition ALL sales of Festival Passes, whether online, in person or by phone, require a valid contact email to be provided.  Emails used for purchases will be automatically added to TADFF’s Email Updates list. They will not be provided or sold to any third parties. The TADFF updates list can be easily un-subscribed from with a single-click on the “Unsubscribe button” which appears on all festival updates. Note: TADFF’s email use policy takes precedence over any third party ticket provider’s email policy, including Cineplex’s.

  17. USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: RSVP’ing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any equivalent on any other social media channel for a film screening or event of TADFF’s does not ensure a seat or ticket is reserved. You must have an actual valid physical ticket or pass in order to enter screenings and events.

  18. ADMITTANCE TO TADFF SOCIAL EVENTS: Entrance to official TADFF social events including ‘Pub After Dark’ Socials restricted to Adults age 19+.  For ‘Pub After Dark’ Socials - similarly a valid TADFF ticket or Pass must be shown for entry. Entrances to social events is not guaranteed and is subject to venue capacity regulations. In the event of capacity being reached or becoming close to being reached at a social event venue, entry priority will be given to Festival Passholders.

  19. FILM ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: A list of the eligibility requirements for films screening at TADFF can be found during our annual ‘Call for Entries’ at the “Submissions Page” at the Festival Website as well as at film submission service websites Film Freeway and Withoutabox. However TADFF and its Programming Department reserve the right to make exceptions to the requirements each year for a small, select number of films based on other merits that warrant their inclusion in the festival program.

  20. REVISIONS: All terms and conditions, including venue information, films and schedule, are subject to revision, change or cancellation without notice or refund.

If you have any questions, please contact us.